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Vijay Eswaran- Thought Leader

There are a number of important qualities required to be an excellent business leader. Vijay Eswaran, an important thinker and thought leader is a Malaysian entrepreneur. He is a strong advocate for value based leadership and is known for practicing that in his businesses.

In an article written by Vijay Eswaran for the Good Men Project, a community of over one million members, he explains how important gender equality is to business success. The Good Men Project gives people the tools they need to advance in a rapidly changing world. The project helps people move ahead in a world where the concept of gender and leadership is morphing into one of greater equality. This world is more diverse and inclusive and hopefully working toward equality.

Mr. Eswaran writes in an article for this project that gender equality that allows for women to grow on an equal plane as their male counterparts is not only good for business but for society as a whole. When women are on an equal footing with men, companies and society will prosper and grow as females gain more financial independence as both wage earners and property owners.

Vijay Eswaran sees three main issues in achieving gender equality. The first is that it is not men who are driving this initiative. It is mainly women. He believes that it is time for men to step up to this challenge. Secondly, he sees this as a business goal as well. Business leaders must see that gender equality is not only a moral issue but a bottom line one. Finally he says that the international community must open up opportunities not just for women to ‘break the glass ceiling’ but to become business owners too. As women become owners of their own businesses this will help enormously to break the gender gap.

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