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The Story Behind the Founding of SmartFit by Its CEO Edgard Corona

A significant percentage of patients visiting the hospital have been suffering from different lifestyle diseases in the recent past. As a result, many people have been researching the best strategy to improve their health. Others have been seeking professional advice from experienced health care workers on the measures to avoid suffering from different diseases.

For example, some doctors recommend working out daily because it helps people to remain healthy. The recommendation by healthcare professionals has significantly increased the demand for gym services. That is because many people prefer exercising in a facility with different workout equipment. After all, they have the freedom to choose the one to use.

Besides, they prefer gymnasiums because they get guidance on the exercises to undertake depending on their fitness goals. One of the fitness companies many people have been working out is SmartFit, which Bio Ritmo CEO Edgard Corona started. The company has opened up gyms in different countries after its CEO realized that their gyms could not accommodate all their clients.

However, the story behind the founding of SmartFit is a bit different from other gymnasiums. First, its founder Edgard Corona ventured into the fitness industry without any experience in how gyms operate. Secondly, he did not have enough resources to set up a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Without any knowledge and enough capital, his chances of succeeding were very slim. However, he managed to overcome the challenges and made his company one of the best globally. One of the reasons why Corona’s fitness company became very successful is because he took a different approach from other gym owners.

Edgard Corona took time to study the market, and he decided to use different effective measures to attract clients to his gyms. Within a short time, SmartFit had more clients than gymnasiums that have been operating for years. Since then, their number of clients has continued increasing, making Edgard’s company one of the biggest in the world. To learn more visit: here.

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