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Robert Kraft is a successful business executive with diverse investments in pulp and paper industry, sports, and entertainment. He is the founder, CEO, and board member of The Kraft Group and has an MBA from Harvard University after attending Colombia University, which he attended on scholarship. His fundamental values of integrity and team building have contributed to the tremendous success of The Kraft Group. Robert Kraft is a patriot fan of the American Football League and has been a ticket holder since 1971; this made him make risky investments in American football.

Since Robert Kraft acquired ownership of ‘The Patriots,’ he has led the team to achieve immense accomplishments than during its entire history. His positive attitude explains why he was a board member of the Federal Reserve Bank and a Trustee of Colombia University. The Kraft Group has created an environmental sustainability program that annually recycles 1.5 tons of products.

He has been conscious that success and sustainability can co-exist by understating the paper industry’s impact on the environment. This made The Kraft Group to venture in various sustainability initiatives that have received positive approbation.

About Robert Kraft

A dynamic individual who has shown his alacrity not only through his investments but also his approach and philanthropy. He is a passionate person whose love for football has inspired him to invest and revamp a declining team. He is dedicated, involved, compassionate, a lifelong supporter of football, and being a part of every decision-making process in his companies shows his desire. A trustee of Columbia University, a committee member in most sports meetings makes him a dedicated and involved individual. Contributions that amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in dealing with racism, equity, and conservation are pillars for him, his investments, and also his family. Visit this page for more information.


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