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The Life and Times of Trevor Edwards

Trevor Edwards was born in London, England, on November 28, 1962. He grew up with his parents in the UK. His father was a photographer, and his mother was a writer. Trevor Edwards had two younger brothers who were twins. When he grew up, Trevor’s interests were football and photography. Edwards went to Baruch College in New York in 1984, where Trevor studied business and graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business. The next year in 1985, he married Carolyn Jarrett, who is also his high school sweetheart. They have two sons named Justin and Jaden. Trevor’s career at the time was primarily focused on marketing, which included stints at Colgate-Palmolive Company (1986-1992) and A athletic brand Inc (1992-). His career led him to work around the world in London, England, and Brussels, Belgium. He also became a vice president at A athletic brand Inc in Beaverton, Oregon, where he worked for twenty years before his retirement.

Trevor Edwards is a man of many talents. He started his journey in the corporate world at McDonald’s but quickly rose through the ranks to become president of A athletic brand. His business savvy helped him build an empire that had over $30 billion worth of revenue each year, and he was considered one of the most important figures in marketing today.

Trevor Edwards is a man who’s been in the shoe business for his entire life. To be creative in this industry, one needs to have passion. Edwards has a deep love of sports, and he is still playing them since his youth nowadays. The USAID has helped him by providing resources for education and healthcare assistance programs. He also loves marketing and feels that one’s spirit and soul should go into it when creating a campaign.

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