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The Career Of Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft might be the CEO of the New England Patriots at the moment but he was not always the big success you see before you today. He grew up in a small town known as Brookline MA to Sarah & Harry Kraft. She was a mom who took care of the house while his dad worked as a dress manufacturer in Boston’s china town.

They were modern orthodox & he grew up going to synagogue. As Robert Kraft graduated from Brookline high as their class president, he went on to Columbia where he got a full ride & again ran for class president. This is where he got into sports as he played on the tennis & football teams. When he was in college, he first met Myra at a deli back in 62 & they were married just a year later.

A few months later, he went on to graduate from Columbia & Robert Kraft then went on to pursue his MBA at a school called Harvard. After he had obtained his degree from there in the fall of 65 at which point, he began his early career in politics. In 74, he went on to buy some of the minor league teams out there such as the Boston lobsters. Once the team folded, Robert Kraft set his sights on a much bigger prize.

It seems he had been a huge fan of the Patriots ever since he was a kid & was even a season ticket holder back in the 70’s. This is why when the opportunity arose for him to buy the team, he did not hesitate for a second. At $172 million, it was the most expensive transaction in the history of the NFL at the time. Robert Kraft now lives in the Boston area with his four sons. Read more about Kraft, here.


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