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Steph Korey’s View Concerning Failure

Steph Korey believes that every entrepreneur can be successful. She found her attitude from Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor, who failed many times but never gave up. Through her journey of rising, she encountered many challenges but always maintained a positive mentality until she got to her destination.

According to Steph Korey, failure is a positive tool for your growth. Failing is the only way you know you are making positive moves towards greatness. Despite your small wins, you need to take more considerable risks, fall, and try again until you get bigger wins. It would be best if you moved out of your comfort zone.


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Steph Korey also believes that failing is an essential tool for learning. Every child learns how to walk by falling severally. In the same way, when you try something and get the opposite results, analyze your errors. You can then try a different approach until you get want you want. This makes the former results building blocks to what you achieved. If you had not attempted severally, you would never have found the right path to success.

In an organization, talking about failures creates a positive work environment. Though most people don’t like discussing their weak points, discussing what went wrong often brings to light where the mistake happened. If the office creates a platform where the staff can openly discuss their mistakes and find the way forward, productivity will increase significantly. This should happen with positive criticism and not condemnation.

Steph Korey acknowledges the fact that most people fear failing. This fear mainly results from past experiences, anxiety, depression, or a perfectionist mentality. All these hinder you from trying out new things. However, successful people find ways to overcome their fears and push through to do what they considered impossible. Even though fear is part of every person’s daily life, only those who overcome it will go far. Therefore, it would be best to take up the mentality of Steph Korey, overcome the fear of failure, and keep trying.

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