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Rachel Nichols Watches Different Games and Interacts with Players before she Forms an Opinion

Rachel Nichols is one of the toughest females working in the sports sector as a reporter, host, and writer. She has been working in this industry for a long period of time, with different magazines, televisions, and newspapers. She has been a funny, smart lady and a courageous one, dealing with the most famous people and asking some of the toughest questions of them.

Some of the organizations she has worked with include the Washington Post, CNN, and ESPN. Nichols was among the 10 powerful voices listed by The Hollywood Reporter in sports media. Currently, she hosts The Jump, which is an ESPN basketball show. Her focus is on elevating the talents of the NBA dialogue.

Since she was still a child, Rachel Nichols has had a strong enthusiasm for sports. Her career was driven by this enthusiasm for sports, and she loved to work on something she loved. She knew very well that she did not qualify to become a professional athlete. During that time, being a lady, it was hard to find a job in the sports sector, not even an executive of a female team. The American reporter started by working in the newspaper industry before venturing into the television sector.

Some of the famous people interviewed by Rachel Nichols include NBA player LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather, Venus and Serena Williams, among other great people in the sports sector. Before doing any interview, Nichols stated that she conducts thorough research, goes through some reports from the police departments, and goes through other boxing reports from journalists that didn’t perform well with the public.

Being a journalist is challenging. According to Nichols, seeking the truth from different people is hard because the truth hurts and they are likely to be offended. Before coming to form a certain opinion, she goes on her way out to watch different games and interact with the players. Click here to learn more.


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