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QNET, The Scam that Isn’t

The allegations of QNET being a scam are completely false. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has never taken any legal action against it or any other form of significant negative media coverage. That’s why we’re not surprised that the latest “news” about this alleged scam operation is just more misinformation put out by some unscrupulous distributors who don’t want to see others succeed.

There is a myth that QNET doesn’t pay their distributors, so they can never make any money. This couldn’t be further from the truth as we have hundreds of thousands of happy members worldwide who enjoy great success with our products.

The QNET scam is just another myth spread by people who are upset they didn’t do enough research before joining QNET.

QNET is a great company that helps families worldwide earn an income, contribute to their local economy and feel safe knowing they can trust our products 100%. You don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain! Learn more about how you can make money with QNET today at.

The false allegations made against Qnet show us once again why it’s so important for recruits in direct selling companies like ours to do their homework before making any investments of time or money. There are always some bad actors out there looking for ways to exploit others while hiding behind anonymous posts on blogs and forums all over the internet.

We want to reassure our current and future members that QNET is a legitimate business opportunity with a solid track record in direct selling, so you can have confidence when you decide to join us today.

The latest “news” about this alleged QNET scam operation is just more misinformation put out by some unscrupulous distributors who don’t want others to succeed the way they did. We’re not surprised because these people are simply using blogs and forums as their platform for revenge after failing themselves. They know that there’s nothing better than negative posts on anonymous sites to damage a company’s reputation! So let them continue posting lies about the Qnet scam while we focus on supporting our thousands of successful members worldwide! More insights from Qnet on Medium

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