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Miki Agrawal:How to Launch A Business from "Zero to $100 Million"

“Zero to $100 Million” was created by Mindvalley and Social Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal. Agrawal’s $200 million enterprises are known for their unusual marketing and devotion to social justice. She partnered with Mindvalley’s creator Vishen to establish a brand-building program. According to the US Census Bureau, business formation applications rose 96.3% in 2020 and will remain strong in 2021.


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Vishen of Mindvalley says the pandemic has created both grief and business opportunity. “Because we want our missions to matter, we’re pleased to speak with a successful CEO. “Zero to $100 Million’s” future is unknown.”

“Zero to $100 Million” has seven parts, starting with a free masterclass.

Design a strategy for running a business that may generate $100 million

The formula for producing products and collaborating

Authenticity is a combination of voice, content, and tone

How to Get From Zero to $100 million in Marketing: Miki’s Instruments THUSY

Using your individuality to get the attention of the press

Methods for increasing interest in your products

Creating Brand Communities

Miki Agrawal is recognized for disturbing companies and affecting popular culture. Entrepreneurs named her firm one of the 100 Clever Firms” in June 2016. Fast Company listed her among the most impressive women entrepreneurs.

Miki Agrawal: “I’ve always been interested in discovery, creativity, and advancement.” “I try to design goods that help as many people as possible,” she explains. “Since joining Mindvalley, I’ve mentored and inspired ambitious people. This Quest will inspire hundreds or thousands of ethical enterprises to act.”

Agrawal works with Jim Kwik (Brain Coach), Dr. Shefali (Clinical Psychologist), Marie Diamond (Feng Shui Master), and over 200 other experts.

Mindvalley turned live lectures by professors, authors, and activists into interactive online courses. offers 50 courses. One is “From Zero to $100 Million.” Fifteen million Mindvalley members want to learn.

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