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How Jaden Garza is Untethering the Future of Digital Nomadism

An early insight for Nomad Internet founder Jaden was the deplorable condition of internet service in RV parks, particularly in remote locations.

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Jaden realized that many families had adopted the nomadic life of complete RV homes.

However, working remotely was problematic since high-speed Internet was so tricky to locate in parks.

After beginning his business by bringing reliable high-speed Internet to remote RV parks, he saw the promise of LTE technology.

As a result, he grew the product line to connect various cellular-based routers.

Origin of the Idea

After a few months of closures and stay-at-home directives due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many employees found that they could continue working remotely from almost any place with internet access.

This is how the company grew from serving a few RV parks to helping thousands of nomadic RV homes with their high-speed Internet with no data caps.

Jaden Garza’s second RV park installation spurred the development of their cellular-based goods and services.

The park’s location in rural Seguin, Texas, meant that internet speeds were slow, if not nonexistent.

In July 2017, just a month after the company’s launch, Nomad Internet was summoned to the park.

After seeing that traditional methods of fixing park service were fruitless, Garza created a fresh alternative based on LTE technology.

After working with BaiCells Technology to design and get a licensed LTE technology kit, Jaden became one of the first operators of BaiCells’ LTE Base Station.

Similarly, the firm maintained to supply park services to improve internet access.

Nomad’s BaiCells Technology solution supplied the park with good service at a far lesser price, making Jaden Garza explore, and taking the company on a new path.

To avoid approaching parks individually to give better coverage, an LTE base station can be sold to digital nomads because of its compact size.

In Summary

Nomad’s connectivity has made it possible for rural consumers and RV nomads to use high-speed Internet while still enjoying the freedom to move at their own pace.

It’s an important success over the past when slow rural internet availability was a major obstacle.

Learn more about Garza: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jaden-garza

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