How Vik Bansal Plans to Uplift Australian Economy

There has been a massive decline in the economy for every country, Australia included. The outbreak of coronavirus has had a severe impact on the economy. The manufacturing sector was one of the most affected niches in the country. Due to the pandemic, movements were restricted, and this interfered with the supply of labor. Also, companies were forced to shut, and importation and exportation declined. The effect of this restriction is being felt even with things returning to normalcy. However, Vik Bansal wants everything to speed up so that Australia can return to its prior position in terms of economic development. He ensures that he uses government initiatives to his advantage. According to him, where there is a weakness, there is an opportunity. As a result, he wants to take advantage of this to develop his company and the economy.

Vik Bansal is the newly appointed CEO of InfraBuild, a steel manufacturing, distributing, and recycling company. From his appointment, he has brought tremendous changes to the company. For instance, introduced a waste management initiative to reduce steel that ends up in landfills. As a result, he has brought self-sufficiency and sustainability to the company, a long-term endeavor.

Vik Bansal believes that Australia’s manufacturing sector can be back to its feet in no time through a combined effort. For instance, he thinks the government initiative, Modern manufacturing Initiative (MMI), is ideal to ensure that manufacturers regain their strengths. It is a $1.3 billion fund channeled towards manufacturing as a way to drive economic recovery. Within InfraBuild, Vik Bansal plans to use low-carbon steel manufacturing technology, an initiative that would ensure that it produces high-quality products at an affordable cost. Besides, the initiative will see the company minimizing its waste, helping reduce waste materials that could otherwise pollute the environment. With the manufacturing sector improved, Australia will boost its economy and fast forward, returning to normalcy.

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