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Georgette Mulheir The Defender Of Democracy

Since 2020 the country of Haiti has not had any democratic leadership on the local or national level. The reason why is because the elections that were supposed to have taken place in 2020 did not take place. Since the election did not take place, this caused that the parliament was dissolved. Human rights groups and world leaders such as Georgette Mulheir want to help restore democracy in Haiti. This is important because it will keep the country from being run by gangs. The human rights groups have made some positive movements and done amazing things by getting many gangs to call a truce and form an alliance. 


Human rights activists like Georgette Mulheir are concerned about protecting the ordinary citizens of Haiti because they have to endure kidnappings, massacres, and extreme violence daily. All of these problems are currently going on under the watch of president Jovenel Moise. His term officially ended in February 2021 but remains in office because of the stalled elections (Crunchbase). 


Currently, human rights activists, world leaders, and international law scholars have all come to the same conclusion that this violence that is happening to Haitian citizens is clearly a crime against all humanity. They all also agree that they can see that if democracy is not restored, the country will possibly be going into a dictatorship again. This is why Georgette Mulheir and other human rights activists and leaders worldwide want to restore order, law, and democracy in Haiti to stop these systematic human rights violations that the current president is inflicting on the citizens. If the international community intervenes and makes the injustices in Haiti a priority, democracy and law can be restored. 

More on Georgette Mulheir´s biography and career at https://www.newsanyway.com/2021/03/26/georgette-mulheir-enable-development-by-ending-dictatorship/

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