Dean Omar Helps Victim Win 5 Million Dollars in Law Suit

Thomas Glenn worked for Duke Energy for 27 years in their power plants. He worked at three different locations, but did similar work at each one. His main job duties included repairing and inspecting valves throughout the plant. While working with these valves, he was unknowingly exposed to asbestos. He did not know of the danger while he was working for these 27 years and only realized something was wrong when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2014. After suffering from this health complications he died the next year. His widow sought the help and advice from a very prominent law firm, Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP.

Dean Omar used their entire team of experienced professionals to help gather evidence and create a case that they knew they could win. After studying the facts and gaining expert opinions they filed a law suit against a few large corporations. Each corporation came to the hearing prepared, but ultimately Dean Omar helped the widow win 5 million dollars. 

The jury found that Fisher Controls was the one liable for the damages. They found that this company knew their was asbestos in their valves and sold them anyway. They found them liable for misconduct and required them to pay over 5 million dollars. The jury said that two other companies were not liable for any damages. Dean Omar helped set the record straight and ensure that all companies are held responsible for the decisions they made that effected the lives of their workers. 

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