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Career Achievements Rolled Out by Roland Dickey Jr As the CEO Of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant

There are numerous popular, most prominent franchise restaurants in the United States and beyond, and one, in particular, has been operating for the last 80 years or so. The Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant. The Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant was established in 1941 by a World War Veteran, Travis Dickey.

The family-owned business started as a small local barbeque restaurant operated by Travis Dickey and his wife Ollie while still raising their two sons, Roland Dickey Jr and T.D. Sadly, in 1967, Travis Dickey left his business and family legacy to his sons and wife.

At the time, Roland Dickey Jr was still in college pursuing a law degree, but he had to leave to join his brother T.D and his mother, Ollie Dickey, in running the company. Roland Jr later came up with new recipes to compliment his father’s, and by 1994, the family-owned restaurant had expanded its locations out of the state in Denver, Colorado.

Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth was finally made the official CEO of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant in 2006. Before joining the family-owned business, Roland Dickey was working in other restaurant companies to gain relevant experience.

As the CEO of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant, Roland Dickey Jr made several capital investments to grow the company nationally including, real estate management investments, logistics, marketing, information technology, and advertising. Through these investments, Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant was to sustain its rapid growth rate. The Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant has over 500 locations across the U.S. and two international locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

About Roland Dickey Jr

Roland Dickey Jr graduated in 1996 from Southern Methodist University with a degree in business administration. Over the past decade or so, Roland Dickey Jr has gained relevant leadership experience working with other companies in the restaurant sector after graduating. Roland has been recognized for his outstanding role by appearing on the Top 500 CEOs in the D Magazine. Go here for additional information


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