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Barry Lall’s Interview About Business Management

Barry Lall is an ambitious Entrepreneur dealing with the hospitality industry. He is also the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, a company that has grown to serve many people due to the quality services offered. He practiced medicine as a career but always had a passion for business management. Barry’s business journey started in 1989 after purchasing a hotel with 12 rooms. Currently, his company has reached success by offering hospitality services and employment to the people of California and Texas.

Speaking at an interview, Dr. Bharat Lall spoke about his business and future plans. He is currently managing nine hotels in different locations, including Dallas, San Diego, Riverside, CA, and Austin. Even with his company facing outstanding achievements, Barry still comes up with ways to make it better. Barry still wishes there were things he did differently when starting his business. One of the mistakes he made was not networking and employing professional people with skills. When it comes to recommending books that can motivate young entrepreneurs, Barry recommends the Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. He loves the book since it explains the journey of business people when hiring employees. According to the book, having a great team with sharp minds does help with growing a business. Barry’s advice to entrepreneurs is to have three things in their mind: focus, time management, resource allocation, and opportunity management. Such helps with making the right decisions in a business.

In 1993, Barry Lall embarked on a journey with three friends to start a company. None of them knew anything about business management, but they managed with time. Their project entailed buying properties in the Western United States and developing them. The excellent Pinnacle Hotel management started from such experience, which contributed to its success. Currently, the hotel employs over 400 employees and offers services to many people. Barry also gives back to the community by supporting and donating funds to schools and libraries.

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