Andrew Lazarus Expands on His Hospitality Investment

Many successful business owners improve the living standards of their societal area, and that includes Andrew Lazarus.

He is a donor and a wealthy businessman who acquire his wealth in the hospitality portfolio.

Below are some of the investments that rich Andrew Lazarus operates.

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Property Homes

Andrew Lazarus’s one stream of his wealth is the sales of property homes.

He sold his Vaucluse property to Roby’s wife, Mrs. Sharon Zipser. Sharon Zipser runs and operates her own business called the Hi-pages Company.

The property was said to have been sold for approximately eight million $.

Its extensive features are worth the cost because the house has wide measurements of about 845 sq with lots of spacious rooms and a swimming pool.

Additional Restaurant and Hotels

Exclusive of the many expensive hotels owned by Lazarus, he recently added the Exchange Hotel to add in his growing number of hotels in Hamilton in 2016.

To make it more profitable and executive, Lazarus renovated the hotel in 2020 and changed its purpose to be the leading and top-ranking music live performance stage.

He also added a hotel in the Merewether area located near a beach which brings more attraction to customers.

 Investments in Clubs

Lazarus saw a business opportunity in Shoal Bay Country Club and grabbed it.

He changed the entire area from being enjoyed by men to a family-based club.

An increase in the club’s expansion raised more revenue than before when it was enjoyed by males only.

Andrew Lazarus owns several hotels and clubs in Australia together with his spouse Denise.

Besides funding charity organizations to help reach the community, Lazarus and his wife founded their foundation to motivate and help other hospitals reach out to their locations.

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