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Andrew Frame’s Dedication To His Work

Andrew Frame as a famous entrepreneur is the chief executive officer of the citizen. He initiated his first app in 2017 called citizen. It aimed to bring together location information with 911 intelligence and continue to provide safety to everyone. After he noticed what the world was missing, this plan came to his mind. Andrew was a great entrepreneur since he came up with a software programmer. He lives in Los Angeles and sometimes in New York. He started an internet service provider company at 15 in Los Angeles.

In his younger days, Andrew Frame worked with different networking companies; he joined Cisco Systems as their assistant engineer. Later he registered with the Global Center of Expertise (GCOE), where he was accorded certification, and he later joined the company. Through Stanford University, he established an online Program persuading his fellow students to start businesses. The program aimed to bring up start-up members and generate a wise of increasing capital.

Andrew Frame wakes up early in the morning, takes coffee, exercises and is a big fan of the news; he then holds up meetings with his team. Later he meets with products managers to develop plans to meet their goals. He ends his day with dance, an enjoyable home-cooked meal, a glass of red wine, and reading materials, i.e. poetry or literature book.

Frames surround himself with committed persons; he employs intelligent employees who are sharper than him. His company comprises a proficient and considerate team with whom he enjoys working; when he comes up with an issue, his team analyses how it positively affects the company’s journey. If it is negative, they do away with it.

Andrew mainly considers user feedback as a key, and he says it helps understand how people are taking part with the citizen. Characteristic that attracts them and what should we improve, they invite citizen users to contribute ideas in meeting and enlighten them on how to use the app. The company has attained top characteristics and achieved safety for all through this. See this page for additional information.


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