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An Uncut Interview With Larry Baer: CEO of SF Giants

Larry Baer is among the leading visionaries in professional sports because he joined Major League Baseball shortly after finishing school at both Harvard and UC Berkeley Universities. However, he first ventured into the media sector by working for CBS and Westinghouse Broadcasting.

Larry lives in San Francisco and also began engagements with a baseball team called Giants in 1990. Larry was part of a team that formulated an ownership forum that ensured this team was not shifted from San Francisco. Approximately two decades after joining the baseball team, the Giants CEO was promoted to become the CEO.

Larry Baer’s foray into the CEO role came with tremendous success because he won a World Series Championship in the first year. Two years later, the San Francisco Giants landed another title, making it the third in four years. He also inspected the Oracle Park’s development, a ballpark positively regarded by the fans. The park was launched in 2000 and 8 years later, it was named the Best Sports Facility by the Sports Business Journal.

Larry also leads and chairs Giants Development Services, a company subsidiary that constructs contemporary urban neighborhoods. This project will have residential units, offices, open spaces, restaurants, retail stations, and other amenities. Larry Baer also features in several baseball-related boards where he also chairs a committee on strategic planning. The SF Giants CEO’s contributions have been acknowledged with some honors and accolades by Harvard and UC Berkeley for impressive Alumni status.

Baer’s Biography

Larry’s reputation in sports is exclusive. He became the VP of the baseball team in 1992 after joining. He collaborated with Peter Magowan to initiate an ownership group that advocated for the team to retain its San Francisco status. The SF Giants CEO is a board member and a partner of this ownership group. In 2012, he became the CEO of the company and takes charge of the daily activities. Go here for more information.


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