Acquisition of Mereweather’s Beach Hotel by Sydney Hotelier Andrew Lazarus

The famous Sydney hotelier Andrew Lazarus has bought one of the most widely recognized and well-established pubs in Newcastle.

He acquired the classic Beach hotel Merewether for an undisclosed large amount of money.

This acquisition has cemented the settlement of the Sydney hotelier in the Newcastle and central coast regions.

He had also noted the hotel’s strategic location, which proved appealing attractive to him.

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Andrew Lazarus acquired the highly reputed Newcastle hotel from the Bale and Twohill families.

It is also noted that the hotel’s selling marks its change of ownership for the first time in forty-five years.

The sale process of this iconic hotel was overseen and led by Dean Moore of Moore Real Estate in partnership with Wheatley of Knight Frank.

Although the deal was difficult to reach, the beach hotel’s previous owners had taken the heart-wrenching decision.

This is after them having mixed thoughts about deciding to sell the hotel after their long-term management.

The beach hotel is a two-story building and offers a clear view of the Merewether beach.

With its renovations recently in 2016, the hotel proves to retain its recognition as iconic.

However, the Lazarus family says they had plans for more renovations and redecorations.

This was to happen after proper consultations with the community and architects.

In conclusion, the Lazarus family is thankful to Bale and Twohill families for offering the chance for them to take over the operations.

They also hope to keep and continue with the legacy for the many following years.

Furthermore, it is a chance for the family to thrive as Lazarus owns a nearby Exchange hotel and Shoal Bay country club, which is not far from the vicinity.

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