Environmental-Friendly, Zero-Emission

ZeroAvia Say It Will Create Environmental-Friendly Jets By 2024

Technology is moving at a higher pace. In recent years, the world has witnessed many things that nobody ever thought would happen. It is during this era that we have seen the creation and development of gadgets of exceptional ability. With this in mind, ZeroAvia, a global leader in the creation of environmentally-friendly jets has announced that it will soon partner with Mitsubishi, another international player in the engineering industry to develop commercial and private hydrogen-electric powered jets.


According to ZeroAvia, the partnership gives the two players a section to play. In the agreement, ZeroAvia will make sure the jets to be developed do not have any emissions. After all, that is why at ZeroAvia they have powertrain technology. For Mitsubishi, the two have agreed that it will handle the designing of the power jets, offer customer and staff support, as well as development certification. The latest report from ZeroAvia shows that the company is working on trying to convert its Dornier 228, which carries 19 passengers, into a turboprop aircraft. ZeroAvia


With this project set to be completed in the next few years, ZeroAvia has confirmed that certification and subsequent entry to the market will take place later in 2024. Two years after the release of the first-ever HEP jet that has the ability to carry 19 passengers. Currently, ZeroAvia has another ambitious project. ZeroAvia now says that after the debut project, it will start to work on a bigger project.

It is a jet that will be able to accommodate up to 80 people with the minimum number of passengers being 50. Although for now that seems a far-fetched project for ZeroAvia staff members, there is reason to believe that it will be possible. That is because the aviation company aims at changing the aviation industry. This follows the authentication of the 19-seater HEP jet, whose development is underway. In the end, the company is also planning to complete a huge project that will shock the world. However, according to the Zerovia-Mitsubishi partnership, this will take a couple of years.