Wes Edens Private Railway Project

Wes Edens is the CEO of the Fortress Investment Group. The company has been involved in several infrastructural projects. Under the leadership of Wes Edens, they decided to venture into a high-speed railway construction project. Wes Edens knows how to negotiate business deals. He had to discuss with the transportation officials and the different investors to develop funding for the project. The high-speed railroad will connect Las Vegas and the southern parts of California. It will lead to more businesses in the area. 

The high-speed railway project 

Many people are eager to save time as they travel from one location to another. The high-speed rail project will play a significant role in saving time as they engage in different businesses across the two cities. The project is well thought out, and it will likely lead to more businesses

$8 billion project

With up to $8 billion in the total cost, there are different strategies Wes Eden has come up with. The strategy will involve working with various investors to support the project. He has discussed with several investors, and most of them are ready to fund the project. Some of the funds will come from the government and others from interested private investors. 

Billionaire businessman

The billionaire businessman is keen on coming up with projects that are likely to have a significant return on investment. For example, they had to check several factors before investing in the railroad project. Many experts have offered the project a green light after considering its effects on the transportation sector. 

Fortress Investment Group investment 

Under the management of Wes Edens, the company has been growing. He has excellent leadership skills that have contributed to increasing the company’s revenue over the years. He employees the best strategies to come up with the best investments.

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