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Tieks Demonstrates The True Meaning of Altruism Through Acts Of Kindness To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In the wake of technological advancements, creating opportunities destined to giving back to the communities has been seen as limitless. In the world, we have different kinds of people with different abilities. Some people are born entrepreneurs, scientists, linguistics, and others altruistic.

The latter has been known to invest their hard-earned resources, time, and intelligence for the sole benefit of others in society. Kfir Gavrieli, the founder and the CEO of Tieks is one person who has exemplarily demonstrated the true meaning of altruism. The renowned entrepreneur has always been in the limelight in investing time and resources for the greater benefit of others.

Tieks is a fashionable brand that is globally known for its distribution of ballet flats for women. The shoes are massively known for their quality, comfort, and portability. The company is among the first brands to earn a global reputation.

The company solely distributes these comfortable shoes through its website. It has been established that the company has been recognized in the industry as the most successful brand to sell its products purely online. Kfir Gavrieli’s motives were not only focused on creating a successful global brand but a charitable institution that would meaningfully impact lives.

Tieks through the altruistic nature of Kfir Gavrieli led to the birthing of the Gavrieli Foundation. The key business of the foundation is to massively impact the lives of women through direct collaboration with KIVA. KIVA is a platform that is based online and majorly concentrates on providing microloans to both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs living in vulnerable conditions.

Through the facilitation of KIVA, Gavrieli Foundation has expedited over 10 million dollars dispensed to women entrepreneurs across the globe. It has been credited as the largest lender in the history of KIVA. His passion and thrill for women entrepreneurs have resulted in the establishment of a significant number of businesses across the world. Like this page on Facebook, for additional information.


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