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The Growth of Hawkers Company through Alejandro Betancourt’s Headship

Hawkers firm’s owners started it to supply its customers with affordable, modern, and quality sunglasses. They were sure that manufacturing products that were a choice for many would provide them with numerous customers, thereby bringing great profits. At a time when the company was experiencing losses, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined the company as its president.

Using the experience and skills that he had acquired in previous positions; Mr. Lopez transformed the company to make it among the best in fashion globally. He joined up with some stakeholders and invested over fifty-six million to develop the company. Within a short time, Hawkers became successful in Spain. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez opened other outlets in Europe, Asia, and America.

In 2018, he invested more than twenty dollars for the growth of the firm. That made him the company’s majority shareholder. Mr. Betancourt motivated his juniors never to give up regardless of what life brought them. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s hard work contributed to the growth of Hawker’s, making it one of the best fashion companies around the globe. The company employs more than 200 people in its various outlets. It has shops in more than fifty nations globally.

One of the things that made the company thrive is using Facebook to advertise its products. The platform has enabled the company to make most of its sales. The company uses different online platforms for advertising and selling its products. As a result, it can sell similar products from other companies at cheaper prices, thereby making more sales. Although the firm has close to fifty physical shops, more than ninety percent of its sales are made online.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also recruits college students to market the company’s products to increase sales. The students market the sunglasses to other campus learners so that they can buy them. The company also selects celebrities who use the products and make them their brand ambassadors. They then advertise the sunglasses on their social media platforms since they have a huge following. In addition, the firm gives them plane tickets, concert tickets and other things as a token of appreciation. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s: Twitter.

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