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Stephen Bittel’s key to success

Terranova Corporation is a leading firm possession activity of a real estate portfolio with Stephen Bittel as the Chairman and originator. The CEO has remained in South Florida since it has massive development in real estate and has served his local area for a long time. Bittel is a Miami local and has stood firm on Board Director’s footings in the Chapman Partnership and the Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation. Likewise, he drove the Great Miami Jewish Federation Washington’s Mission somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2010. Moreover, Bittel has served on the Advisory Board of Teach for America Miami. He is an alum of magma cum laude from Bowdoin College and has a regulation degree from the University of Miami School of Law.

The Real Secret

Bittel’s key to success is attributed to the fact that he always outworked everyone from his first day in college to date. He developed unending work stamina while in college that has everything to do with his success. Moreover, Bittel is a risk manager on the investing side of his business, having a 100% debt portfolio that is currently non-recourse. The business learned to operate with more equity and less leverage, enabling a forgiving capital structure to predict the storms of downturns in the economy.

Another critical component is managing his balance sheet by not prioritizing expenses but rather prioritizing revenue. The focus is diversifying revenue streams in and out of business and multiplying asset classes in the real estate industry.

Passionate About Giving

Bittel is passionate about giving back money and time to the people who need assistance. He is on the Board of Fairchild Tropical Gardens that accomplish research and education. He also led the Orchid project, planting 1000 orchids along the pedestrian street’s trees. With his support, the Parkinson’s foundation funded eight centers of excellence. Bittel has prioritized public services with his family by encouraging others to do the same.

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