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SextPanther Adult Messaging

Despite having a pandemic affect the world on a global scale, thousands of man and women are still able to connect on an intimate level through the use of adult texting and messaging services. One of these services, SextPanther allows users to do much more than chat.

SextPanther is a platform where women who work as camera models, known on the site as Content Creators can communicate with those who seek to make use of the content each model creates. Creators can supply a variety of content including messages, pictures and videos. Users can exchange credit for this content, and the credits equal up to a predetermined sum of money.

The process that both users and content creators undergo to join the fun is based on a mobile application and is more difficult for creators than for users. Of course both parties are requires to sign up for an account. Content Creators are thereafter screened and validated using their legal identification. This is to ensure that people paying to see the content don’t get scammed by bots and catfish models that pose as lovely ladies.

There are multiple layers of security and protection on both the side of users and creators that solidify the reputation of the application and the creator and user. One such feature is the one on one phone calls and text communication process. As aforementioned, the creators are closely screened prior to being listed, but once they’ve been approved, their profiles and the content they’ve created is immediately visible to users, A user selects the creator that has the content desired and transfers an amount of money into a SextPanther account. Then the selection is made for desired content and the application deposits the funds to that creator. The content is then made available to the user. SextPanther’s: Twitter.

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