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QNET is a renowned e-commerce that serves its client around the globe. It’s a company based on direct selling, where it operates its global clientele with high-quality products and services that are unique. It also allows its customers to improve their sales business through the promotion of the products.

Company focuses on improving people’s lives by providing appealing solutions that empower their entrepreneurial skills and enhance their lifestyles.

The company’s strength lies in its global competitiveness and diversity; apart from being Asian by Origin, its distribution cuts across South and East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. In addition, the company’s global recognition has aided the development of micro-entrepreneurs in several upcoming economies.

In the United Arab Emirate, company works with Direct Deals General Trading LLC, a recognized company registered under commercial register No. 911993 by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The company focuses on bringing people together all over the globe. As a result, the company has built a global community part of QNET’s international community. It is mainly composed of distributors and customers empowerment by the company to take charge of their own lives.

In the last two decades, millions of customers satisfied by its operations through active distributors have improved their lives with QNET. In addition, the company has created an impact in over 100 countries globally since 1998.

One of the company’s core values is leadership, which focuses on inspiring with inspiration to lead. In addition, the company nurtures entrepreneurial skills, which are the base for innovation, inclusiveness, and independence. It also focuses on customer satisfaction through devotion, excellence, and respect. Integrity is also another core feature that governs the company’s culture of operations. Finally, QNET also focuses on sustainability through environmental preservations for the generations to come.

The company’s founders received their inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, an activist, humanitarian, and a great leader. As a result, they base the company culture on Raise Yourself to Help Humankind. Click here to learn more.


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