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Jason Hope Continues To Be A Huge Supporter Of Cryptocurrencies

Activist investor Jason Hope is a futurist who has been looking deeply into cryptocurrency and how it might be used in the years to come. While some have wondered if the crypto market will eventually fall by the wayside, he knows that it will soon change everything. One area where crypto will have a big role is in the eCommerce sector. Many customers are beginning to prefer to pay using cryptocurrencies rather than credit cards, and this will increase as fees get lower and lower. 


Jason Hope also knows that people will continue to look for new ways to make secure online transactions. He believes that businesses of the future will also be on the lookout for better ways to protect customers. Jason Hope is sure that cryptocurrencies will help to reduce fraud and that this will have a positive impact on everyone who does business online. On top of this, customers will feel safer making a payment using a cryptocurrency rather than having to reveal the details of their credit card. 


Jason Hope on Cryptocurrency


Jason Hope has also been pointing out that cryptocurrencies make it a lot easier for companies to raise capital. An ICO allows a startup to raise capital in an affordable way by leveraging the power of a large pool of international investors. Jason Hope believes that raising capital in the traditional way will eventually be much more difficult than allowing investors to use cryptocurrencies. 

Jason Hope knows that the volatility of the crypto market may be a turn off for some but can see opportunities for others. He has noted that large companies like Twitter are still huge fans of Bitcoin, and has also pointed to the fact that companies like are beginning to accept payments in the cryptocurrency. Jason Hope is expecting the volatility of the crypto market to eventually stabilize enough so that more companies will have the chance to become involved.