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Jake Medwell Perspectives about Freight Tech

Jake Medwell is a founding partner at 8VC Company, a Francisco-based venture that invests in companies that embrace disruptive technology. It was ranked among the topmost functional investor closing 40 deals from 2018 to June 2020. 8VC invested in FreightWaves and believes that modern platforms will replace the prevailing old technology infrastructure in many industries and thus fostering innovation and prosperity across the world. Jake Medwell, the leader of transportation and logistics at 8VC, begun investing in freight tech companies in 2015 since 8VC’s vintage fund. Some of the freight tech companies that 8VC has invested in include Keep Trucking, Beacon, Trackonomy and Baton.

Jake Medwell notes that the company has established close relationships with recognized players and approaches, which has enabled the company’s management to get a comprehensive understanding of the industry from a different point of view. Unlike other companies who have a few investments, 8VC has gone deeper in investing in this space. Jake Medwell also notes that freight tech has fully developed, therefore, investors expect practical ideas that acknowledge transportation and logistics complexity. Further, investors look forward to backing teams with an extensive understanding of the industry.

Jake Medwell explains that most VC’s are chasing the space without first understanding the industry. He adds that since freight tech has developed and investors are now interested in establishing companies again. Most investors would like to see startups developed by industry specialists in conjunction with leading technologies. Jake Medwell states that majoring in logistics and transportation has enabled him to create strong relationships with incumbent companies that frequently become customers for 8VC companies.

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