Glen Wakeman – A Giving Entrepreneur

Still reeling from Hurricane Irma on September 7, 2017, the beautiful island of Puerto Rico was recovering slowly with over 60,000 people still without electrical power. Then on September 20th Hurricane Maria seemed to rip the island off its foundation. All aspects of the island’s infrastructures were destroyed, not to mention the devastating loss of people’s homes and lives to the tune of well over $90 billion.


Typically, on the scene is the Red Cross which has been serving people everywhere since 1881 (About). Working with partners like the federal government, community leaders, and corporate entities, the Red Cross quickly gathered supplies and items consisting of water, food, insect sprays, hand sanitizers, work gloves, home repair and cleanup kits, and so much more. Local officials and the Red Cross calling for a great deal more help.


Responding immediately to the call for help was Glen Wakeman. Mr. Wakeman is the CEO and founder of Nova Four, a company that supports start-up businesses. He also works with new entrepreneurs through his business, LaunchPad Holdings. Glen Wakeman believes in corporate owners helping the world community when needed.


Donating money to the Red Cross himself, he has taken the lead by calling on corporate owners to provide support to Puerto Rico. Glen Wakeman has a passion to help new and established corporate owners in his work as a business mentor, an entrepreneur, and charitable donor. Wakeman has donated money and time to helping the residents of Puerto Rico.


Only with the support of corporations can the Red Cross continue their missions to help those in need. The business leadership support is a vital aspect of relief efforts in places like Puerto Rico because what a disaster destroys in one location affects many others. Mr. Wakeman reminds business leaders that giving to charities is both an important ethical choice and giving is what holds the present-day economy and commerce environments together.