Dr. Mark Holterman’s Excellence in the Medical Field

An accomplished businessman as a medical researcher and practitioner, Dr. Mark Holterman has excelled in his career in the fields of pediatric medicine and surgery for more than two decades – with awards to acknowledge his efforts and nominations that represent his dedication to his craft.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a man with many caps as a result of his excellence in the pediatric field. He’s on the board of dozens of medical organizations and groups. One of those organizations is the one known as AACT. Dr. Mark Holterman co-founded the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT), a group focused in researching and trying to make advancements in what medicine knows about cellular diseases and how to make treatments for them.


AACT is a very famous institution in medicine, and Mark Hoterman is on its executive board. Also, Dr. Mark Holterman serves both as the CEO and chief medical officer of Mariam Global Health. Apart from all of these participations, he’s a professor of paediatrics and surgery at the College of Medicine of the University of Illinois. The doctor always loved being a professor, and the joy of sharing his experience with other students is one of the main reasons why he is a University professor.


The AACT works in research collaboration with CellR4 medical journal and publishes their works at the AACT conferences. The University of Illinois, where Holterman works as a pediatrics teacher, organizes the Programs of Clinical Excellence. This program, through the Pediatrics Department which Dr. Mark Holterman serves in, provides high-quality medical care and offers students advance professional education.


Dr. Mark Holterman was trained in basic science research and clinical medicine; and he has gained superior knowledge in the bench to bedside medical advances, after spending many years in clinical care (TheNewsVersion). Dr. Mark Holterman is most excited about new technology and its ability to create therapeutic platforms which can be utilized for a wide range of diseases. He’s most keen on the fascinating ways medicine can be changed on a more global level. Dr. Mark Holterman was rewarded with the Innovative Research Award, given by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

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