Adam Milstein Complements Entrepreneurial Efforts with Helping Others

Adam Milstein is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who currently works as a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein’s inspiration for joining Hager Pacific Properties came from his previous experience as a real estate agent in the commercial sector and his desire to pave his own way through investing and management. Through his current firm, Milstein focuses on investing in commercial real estate and maintaining the clients in his portfolio.

As an entrepreneur in the realm of real estate, Adam Milstein has attributed his own success and personal development through uncommon means. He stresses not always relying on specific goals to drive a business venture, but rather focusing on putting forth the best effort in any aspect of the work day. Through his own experience, Milstein has learned the immense value of patience in real estate and allowing success to come to fruition over time as opposed to overnight results, and

Although his accomplishments have been the result of a unique work ethic, Milstein does adhere to certain universal practices to achieve his business goals. He states that bringing ideas into reality comes from the result of constant hard work that makes it possible. Adam Milstein also encourages others to become involved in some sort of philanthropy. He adds that his own philanthropic endeavors have made his life much more rewarding, and resume him.

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel. Before he came to the United States, Milstein spent time serving with the Israeli Defense Forces and enrolled at the Technion shortly after. Adam Milstein relocated to the United States in 1981 and continued formal education at the University of Southern California. He earned his MBA and became involved in real estate during 1983, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

The philanthropy that Milstein has been involved with primarily focuses around educating Israeli youth and Jewish students about their heritage and the culture surrounding his own homeland. Most notably, Adam Milstein was a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and serves on the Board of the organization. Adam and his wife Gila both stay active in different projects that focus on giving young Israeli-Americans a voice and a firm knowledge of current events, and read full article.

Timothy Armour Does Not Agree with Warren Buffet on Passive Index Funds

Warren Buffet is very optimistic about passive index funds, and this led him to wager $1 million for charity believing to get high investment returns. He was positive that investing the money in S&P 500 passive index fund is better than investing in mutual funds. The results of his gamble are expected to be announced anytime in the year 2017 and according to how things are he might indeed collect the returns. Most investors think that investing in expensive funds would give them high returns, but Mr. Warren Buffet considers this as a high mediocre idea. He chooses passive index fund because it involves low maintenance cost and it is a simple way of investing in the long run. He only needed to scrutinize the companies in which he wishes to invest in before carrying on the actual investment.

Tim Armour is an experienced investment executive currently working at Capital Group as a chairman and CEO. He says that Mr. Buffet might be correct, but according to his perspective, passive index funds are not always the safest way to invest for retirement. He says that these index funds do not alert the subscribers of the consequences on returns in case of down markets. The investment might flow with trillion dollars but these returns are highly volatile, and losses can occur anytime. Apparently, very few investors know about this risk when initiating the investment until a market downturn occurs. Some of the things that the consumers get to know when searching for an investment method is on management fees involved, returns expected and other information that does not help the investor in details. The debate about the active and passive statuses of the investment remains an intra-industry argument. People such as Mr. Buffet will still argue that the passive index returns are the perfect way of investing depending on the time when an investor began his or her investment and learn more about Timothy.

About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is an investment executive serving Capital Group as the chairman and CEO and Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as the principal executive officer. He also serves Capital Group Management Committee as the chairman. Timothy has been working with Capital Group for more than 30 years earning himself great investment experience. He had also worked with other companies in the United States as equity portfolio manager and equity investment analyst and more information click here.

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Bob Reina’s Inspiration To Change Lives for Entrepreneurs and Others

Bob Reina is someone who has found inspiration. He has also developed the drive to change lives for the better. One thing that he has seen is that people struggle in many different ways. He has also seen that people handle their challenges and struggles in a different way. Therefore, he wants to make sure that he can help some of them that are willing to take on some great opportunities. One thing that he knows is that some people who are on hard times are doing everything they can to bring forth the results that they want so that they can get back on their feet. Learn more:


Among the things that people are doing is trying their hand at being entrepreneurs. People who attempt this know that it takes a lot of marketing in order to succeed. The only thing is that a lot of marketing requires tools in order to be effective. This is one of the reasons that Bob Reina has taken the time to develop a business marketing app for entrepreneurs to use. He has developed Talk Fusion so that his customers will have an easier time marketing their business or their products. This will also make it easier for them to get back on their feet. Learn more:


Before Bob Reina was the CEO of Talk Fusion, he was a police officer working traffic among other duties. It was in this job that he has gotten the dream to put together something that is going to make a huge difference in the lives of many people. One thing that he wants to do is make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for people to build their own lives. He also understands that different people have different struggles. Therefore, the help that is offered has to be tailored to the specific needs of the person.


How Samuel Strauch Turned Metrik Holdings Into An Industry Titan

You can’t really stumble into critical and commercial success in the world of financial and real estate investments. Instead, you have to take a measured approach that is both clinical and surgical in your precision.

Samuel Strauch is the founder and Principal at Metrik Real Estate and that is a position he has had for 15+ years. Metrik Real Estate is a real estate firm that prides itself on its progressive approach to investing within the South Beach area of Florida. Strauch’s success should not come as a surprise and after sitting down and learning about him it should almost have been expected.

Let’s swing backwards and look at Strauch and his educational history as that definitely played a huge part in his success going forward with Metrik Holdings. Strauch graduated from Hofstra University with his undergrad degree in Business before he would proceed to study at both Erasmus University as well as Harvard University. To say that Strauch learned from the best and had built up a pedigree would simply be an understatement. With education in hand Strauch would march off to start his career in banking where he would ultimately strike gold in the form of inspiration.

On a trip to Miami, Samuel Strauch would see sprawling new real estate developments peppering the city. He forecasted that the area would soon become beholden to tourism and become a sort of metropolis attached to the beautiful expanses of beach that surrounded the area. Strauch new that it would be a risk but he was willing to calculate it in order to establish Metrik Holdings.

Metrik Holdings was born in 2002 where it would focus on local services to the Miami, FL area. Eventually their services would spread over into Latin America which would bring in huge real estate development projects and contracts. Samuel Strauch knew that he had to work doubly hard in order to maintain this trajectory. Strauch cites his ability to reach out to clients, brokers, and customers in order to build up a relationship as the key ingredient to his success. His focus on constantly evolving relationships has been one of Metrik’s hallmarks since they got started.

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Hussain Sajwani’s Business Empire Subdues the Whole Middle East and Extends Beyond

Hussain Sajwani is an unusual business mogul, an inspiration to all many, family background notwithstanding. He is the eldest of his parents’ five children. His father belonged to the middle class in Dubai and operated a watch shop where Hussein actually started putting to practice his astute entrepreneurial endowment at a tender age of three.

Hussain did not give up on education despite his humbled background and ended up a bachelor degree holder in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the prestigious University of Washington.

It is obvious from all indications that Hussain Sajwani knew from the outset that he was destined to establish companies and manage them rather than worked under someone else. However, before he started his business empire, he spent quality time working for some firms including GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil, as a Contracts Manager.

He kicked off his business empire with a catering firm. The growth of this catering outfit took everybody by surprise. Within few years of operation, the company became an industrial giant serving over 150,000 meals per day and simultaneously carrying out hundreds of projects across the Middle East, Africa and many CIS countries.

DAMAC Properties is about the most successful of Hussain Sajwani group of companies. You cannot talk about the property development industry in the Middle East without mentioning DAMAC Properties. The company is now the largest among all others in the industry. The credit again goes to Hussain Sajwani.

One thing that many clients find irresistible about DAMAC is the high quality materials used in executing projects. The attractiveness of these projects also leaves many spell-bound. These projects are allover key cities including Dubai, London, Beirut, Abu, Amman, Riyadh and Doha.

Even the United States is not exempted from countries with projects executed by DAMAC. In 2013, the company developed a couple of Trump-branded golf courses. Then, Donald Trump had no thought of ever vying for the American presidency.

Trump and Sajwani maintain good rapport since then. With the election of Trump as President, Sajwani came over to cheer his friend, and Trump while addressing the audience describe Sajwani as an amazing fellow.

It remains a mystery how the DAMAC owner is able to oversee his numerous companies with every one of them doing incredibly well. Some of the other companies of the Hussain Sajwani family are Al Jazeira, DICO Investments, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co., and Al Amana Building Materials.

Hussain Sajwani aside being a successful business man is also a philanthropist per excellence. He recently doll out AED two million to help provide clothing for underprivileged children.

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Mike Baur; Accelerating New Innovators to Success

Mike Baur is a successful businessperson and Entrepreneur born and raised in Switzerland. He studied his MBA and Executive MBA from the University of Rochester New York and the University of Berne respectively. Mike began his career as a banker at only 16 years of age working as an apprentice for the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). During his time at UBS, he got promoted to several important positions, and he stayed there until 2008. Afterwards, Baur was employed in another bank called Clariden Leu where he held a top ranking post for six years.


Even though he had a successful career as a banker, Mike felt that he needed to focus on his new passion of assisting young entrepreneurs. He, therefore, initiated his company dubbed Swiss Startup Factory (SSTF) in 2014 in collaboration with his two college mates, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.


Swiss Startup Factory aimed at assisting Swiss innovators through the provision of financial, mentoring, and training services. The Company has a 90-day program that trains and empowers new entrepreneurs. After the completion of the training, they are given access to rent-free premises at the Zurich offices. Additionally, the innovators are also linked to an entrepreneurial network to assist them in their growth. All the services offered at Swiss Startup Factory increase the chances of success for young innovators.


Mike Baur also encourages new technology startups to contest in pitching competitions. In 2014, he was among the judges at the START Summiteer, a start-up pitching competition at the University of St Gallen for entrepreneurs. The pitching contest only accepts start-ups with less than a million dollar funding. The financial experts then review the company’s plans and select the winner. Mike’s participation in the competition has increased the credibility and fame for Swiss Startup Factory.


In a recent interview with Founder Stories, Mike Baur explained that his incubator varies from the rest as it is an independent firm without any political affiliation; hence, can implement decisions without any negotiation. Additionally, Mike and his two friends had invested so much in the company that they will do anything to see it became a success. This was different to other incubators whose founders invested sparingly so that if the business fails, they will not lose a lot. Also in the Interview, Mr Baur explained that most Swiss people are very creative but often lack execution, and this is why he created Swiss Startup to assist them.


Online Dating….Is It Worth It? Why Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is The Best

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind this app who strives to provide people with the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Bumble is the app that everybody is talking about, and Whitney loves the idea that she was the one behind the app. She loves the way the app is designed and how well she is changing the industry with her ideas.

Online Dating….Is It Actually Worth It? Why Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is The Best

Online dating when done in the right form can change your life dramatically and get you on the right path to meeting the right person. Online dating is very difficult to go through mainly because you never know who is real and who is legit. This is why you do need to have boundaries in terms of where you’re headed and what you’re trying to accomplish. Bumble is known for being the app that connects you to the right people. You swipe left and right, and when you make a match, the woman must send a message first in order to create a match. It’s a fun little app that puts the power in the women’s hands and makes men be the vulnerable one.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the app, and she is now currently on the Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30. As a woman who wants to represent feminism, she is the woman who wants to help girls get on the right path and grow and actually be the one to decide who they want to speak to. Women decide who they want to speak to, and it’s a fun little app that sort of acts like a game. Whitney Wolfe is a great person to look up to in terms of creating an app that mainly presents a strong identity in women.