How Vijay Eswaran Involved Himself In E-Commerce Business

Born in 1960, Vijay Eswaran is the founder and CEO of one of Asia’s biggest marketing firm, QI Group. He graduated from the University of London where he attained his degree in Social Economics that helped him be in a position of managing his business.

Vijay’s success story was an icing on the cake as he had to work for everything he has now. He did various odds job after graduating as he needed the cash to further his studies.

He once worked at a construction site in Belgium, was a cab driver in London and even plucked grapes in France. Ever since Vijay was young, he never knew what career path he wanted to pursue, and this explains why he did odd jobs in various industries. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

While in London, Eswaran was introduced to Binary System Marketing, and this is when his life turned around. Everything about Binary system Marketing intrigued him. His interest in Binary marketing system resulted in him gaining qualifications from CIMA before he joined the University of Southern Illinois to attain his MBA.

He started worked part time at Synaptics while continuing learning more about Multilevel Marketing. He later decided to return to Malaysia and once there, Cosway group approached him when they wanted to launch a branch in the Philippines. This was a breakthrough for him as Cosway was a multilevel marketing company and it offered exposure for Eswaran.

With his desire to open his own business, Eswaran left Cosway group to found QI Group. From the moment he started the company, Vijay was thoroughly learned in all matters marketing systems. QI Group is known for getting involved in corporate investments, training, media, travels, wellness and luxury products.

Having offices in more than twenty states, QI group has been able to establish a firm clientele base through providing quality services and putting their clients first. It also has various affiliates that help in distributing the company’s operations to people across the globe. Apart from leading QI Group, Vijay is an author and public speaker.

Through this, he gets a chance of sharing his success story and inspires people to become better. He trusts that through this, many young people will be motivated to follow their dreams.