Alexandre Gama: Advertising Guru

Alexandre Gama has become one of the major advertising companies in Brasil. His journey began through his education. He graduated in Marketing and Advertising which led him to his first job at Standart Ogilvy. He continued his career as both a writer and copywriter for his future positions. Finding success in his endeavors, he sought the opportunity to create his own business. He founded Neogama, an advertising agency, in 1999. Success did not stop there, the company won the Lion at the Cannes Film Festival, a major feat as no other company before then had won such an award within its first year of opening.

Neogama continued on its winning streak of firsts for the many accolades it received. Although the company was acquired in 2012, Alexandre Gama in the interest of his company, found independence once more in 2016 when it disconnected itself from BBH network.

Through his efforts Gama has also received numerous awards. Not only elected one of the top 250 professionals in the country, but also within the top 7 for professionals that made history. Gama was also awarded again within 2006, 2007, 2013, and 2015. Being one of the only Brazilians to be a part of the Global Creative Board, Gama has been able to partake in global communications.