Online Dating….Is It Worth It? Why Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is The Best

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind this app who strives to provide people with the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Bumble is the app that everybody is talking about, and Whitney loves the idea that she was the one behind the app. She loves the way the app is designed and how well she is changing the industry with her ideas.

Online Dating….Is It Actually Worth It? Why Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is The Best

Online dating when done in the right form can change your life dramatically and get you on the right path to meeting the right person. Online dating is very difficult to go through mainly because you never know who is real and who is legit. This is why you do need to have boundaries in terms of where you’re headed and what you’re trying to accomplish. Bumble is known for being the app that connects you to the right people. You swipe left and right, and when you make a match, the woman must send a message first in order to create a match. It’s a fun little app that puts the power in the women’s hands and makes men be the vulnerable one.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the app, and she is now currently on the Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30. As a woman who wants to represent feminism, she is the woman who wants to help girls get on the right path and grow and actually be the one to decide who they want to speak to. Women decide who they want to speak to, and it’s a fun little app that sort of acts like a game. Whitney Wolfe is a great person to look up to in terms of creating an app that mainly presents a strong identity in women.

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