National Steel Car Is Older Than My Grandfather

National Steel Car thrives today because of the successful leadership of James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz led National Steel Car as their Chief Executive Officer for several decades, and he is the reason that they are as successful as they are today. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


Greg James Aziz was raised in Ontario, Canada, James Aziz always dreamed of becoming a man of business and made that dream a reality when he enrolled in the economics program at Western University. Greg Aziz would gain the wisdom necessary to excel at business and dominate the landscape for National Steel Car.

Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car and found it in shambles. While it was still functioning, National Steel Car was a far cry from what I had once been and what it was capable of becoming. The greatest weakness of National Steel Car was that innovation was lacking across the board. In fact, they were more interested in trying to convince customers they needed their old products rather than innovating and creating new products that customers were just dying to have.

Gregory James Aziz set to work and cast a vision of excellent innovation throughout the company. Implementing the various methods of kaizen, he challenged the research and development to push the envelope and develop the rail car of the century. By the time they finished, they had a rail car that produced 90% fewer carbon emissions while traveling 50% faster and using 25% less fuel.


Gregory James Aziz saw National Steel Car become the great company he knew it could be. As National Steel Car grew, it became the top choice of railway manufacturing and train transport in North America. In fact, when the countries of Canada and the United States of America passed stricter regulations, National Steel Car was the only company capable of competing for some time. This led to lucrative government contracts and the destruction of many other competing businesses. Read This Article for related information.


Gregory James Aziz recently took time to give the keynote address at the centennial celebration of National Steel Car. In that keynote, he praised previous Chief Executive Officers who laid the groundwork needed for National Steel Car to grow. They praised the executives for tirelessly casting the vision that permeated their company. He praised management for implementing that vision in a nuts and bolts way. And lastly, he praised the workforce for carefully carrying out the vision daily.

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