Richard Mishaan: A True Inspiration to Many in the Interior Design Scene

Richard Mishaan is an inspiration to many up and coming interior designers. The Columbian-born designer is today considered among the interior design veterans in New York. Mr. Mishaan has been quite successful and currently owns and runs his own interior design outfit, Richard Mishaan Design.

One lesson many aspiring interior designers can learn from Mr. Mishaan is the importance of remaining consistent. Throughout his entire professional career, he has stayed true to luxury and combination of diverse pieces. That way, whenever a client contracts Richard Mishaan Design, they are sure they are getting a built space that oozes of class and includes varying, yet effective texture and tonalities. The unique style used by Mr. Mishaan means that he also has the ability to deliver unique work consistently. No two clients of his get similar looking designs and the designs, in turn, do not evoke the same emotional responses in the client. They instead feel like they chose, and consequently own, the design.

Mr. Mishaan himself had strong inspirers growing up. Throughout his professional career, he has constantly looked up to designers such as Henri Matisse and Syrie Maugham. Philip Johnson was also greatly shaped his approach to interior design when Mr. Mishaan briefly worked at his New York Office. It is no surprise that today architecture is one of the three crafts, together with fashion and interior design, that Richard Mishaan Design combines to come up with unique designs. Through the two books he has authored, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, Mr. Mishaan will equally shape and mold those younger generation interior designers.

The successes at Richard Mishaan Design have not gone unnoticed. Mr. Mishaan has received a number of awards in recent times. He was as recently as 2016 honored for his artistic touch by At Home Magazine during the A List Awards