Jeremy Goldstein: Top Lawyer on the New LRIS Online Lawyer Hiring Service

The LRIS recently launched an online portal targeting people in search of lawyers online. This service is open at all times with an option for clients to directly phone in using the LRIS phone service. All kinds of legal matters can be handled inclusive of child custody, will writing, criminal cases among others. LRIS has partnered with New York State Bar Association to reduce the stress levels associated with clients looking for new lawyers.


This is how the service works. The client fills out a confidential online form describing the legal matter at hand. This form is then reviewed by the State Bar who then links the client with the appropriate lawyer within the same location. For the first half hour of consultation, the client is expected to pay a small fee of $35. However, this fee does not apply to medical issues, military law and veterans, worker compensation and unemployment.


Additional attorney fees after consultation are determined by the lawyer if the client decides to retain the lawyer. The online platform boasts of working with the best lawyers around. One such lawyer is Jeremy Goldstein of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a New York-based lawyer specializing in compensation committee advisory. He was a partner at several other firms before starting his own, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. Throughout his career, Goldstein has handled cases involving some high-profile corporations in the country.


His alma mater is Cornell University from where he majored in Art History. Goldstein the went on to the University of Chicago where he obtained a Masters in Art History. In 1999, he got his Juris Doctor degree in Law from the New York University law school division. He began his law career as an associate at Sherman and Sterling LLP before moving to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. Goldstein spent over a decade here before starting his firm.

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Richard Mishaan: A True Inspiration to Many in the Interior Design Scene

Richard Mishaan is an inspiration to many up and coming interior designers. The Columbian-born designer is today considered among the interior design veterans in New York. Mr. Mishaan has been quite successful and currently owns and runs his own interior design outfit, Richard Mishaan Design.

One lesson many aspiring interior designers can learn from Mr. Mishaan is the importance of remaining consistent. Throughout his entire professional career, he has stayed true to luxury and combination of diverse pieces. That way, whenever a client contracts Richard Mishaan Design, they are sure they are getting a built space that oozes of class and includes varying, yet effective texture and tonalities. The unique style used by Mr. Mishaan means that he also has the ability to deliver unique work consistently. No two clients of his get similar looking designs and the designs, in turn, do not evoke the same emotional responses in the client. They instead feel like they chose, and consequently own, the design.

Mr. Mishaan himself had strong inspirers growing up. Throughout his professional career, he has constantly looked up to designers such as Henri Matisse and Syrie Maugham. Philip Johnson was also greatly shaped his approach to interior design when Mr. Mishaan briefly worked at his New York Office. It is no surprise that today architecture is one of the three crafts, together with fashion and interior design, that Richard Mishaan Design combines to come up with unique designs. Through the two books he has authored, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, Mr. Mishaan will equally shape and mold those younger generation interior designers.

The successes at Richard Mishaan Design have not gone unnoticed. Mr. Mishaan has received a number of awards in recent times. He was as recently as 2016 honored for his artistic touch by At Home Magazine during the A List Awards

Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an accomplished man who has been sparkling for a long time just like his name says and nevertheless he still is. Sparks is a successful businessman who is leading so many businesses. With only a high school diploma, Marc has proved so many people wrong by achieving so much in his life. He is a man who has adhered to faith and has always been confident. He is an entrepreneur who also specializes in venture capital. Marc Sparks is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP. Other than business he also majors in telecommunication. He is well-known for beginning various businesses which are now a success. These businesses include; Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media, and Cardinal Telecom. Learn more:


He is also a philanthropist who has done so much for the society to help it become a better place. He is a member of various developments in the community. He has distributed so many laptops to The American Can. Since the year 1980 Sparks has been part of the Samaritan Inn. Furthermore, he has also helped develop cheaper homes at Habitat.


Timber Creek Capital is a successful company that has the objective of assisting upcoming entrepreneurs through guiding and leading them in essential steps to having an accomplished business. The young businessmen who have the best strategy will be offered capital by the company so as to work on their enterprises. Timber Creek Capital is an eye opener because it also helps Marc Sparks and his colleagues as well as the young business men to grow their skills in business. The services of the company are such as; networking, banking, customer service, office space, professionalism, and capital. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is a prosperous man who does not believe I failure and encourages his workmates to shun from it. He is a hard working individual who also works on any given challenge to produce success. ‘They Can’t Eat You’ is a book that Sparks is working on completing. The essence of this book is to talk about how he began till he got successful. It contains the success, the shortcomings he had had to go through and so much more. He elaborates how much hard work it takes for one to be successful in his or her business. He also encourages people that a University degree does not necessarily matter when it comes to a business but your hard work.


Marc Sparks is here he is today due to the following principles that he has always adhered to; initiating a business plan, showcasing your business thought and lastly having things fall in the right direction. Implementing an excellent strategy will help you achieve so much success through the mentioned guidelines. Learn more:


Timothy Armour Does Not Agree with Warren Buffet on Passive Index Funds

Warren Buffet is very optimistic about passive index funds, and this led him to wager $1 million for charity believing to get high investment returns. He was positive that investing the money in S&P 500 passive index fund is better than investing in mutual funds. The results of his gamble are expected to be announced anytime in the year 2017 and according to how things are he might indeed collect the returns. Most investors think that investing in expensive funds would give them high returns, but Mr. Warren Buffet considers this as a high mediocre idea. He chooses passive index fund because it involves low maintenance cost and it is a simple way of investing in the long run. He only needed to scrutinize the companies in which he wishes to invest in before carrying on the actual investment.

Tim Armour is an experienced investment executive currently working at Capital Group as a chairman and CEO. He says that Mr. Buffet might be correct, but according to his perspective, passive index funds are not always the safest way to invest for retirement. He says that these index funds do not alert the subscribers of the consequences on returns in case of down markets. The investment might flow with trillion dollars but these returns are highly volatile, and losses can occur anytime. Apparently, very few investors know about this risk when initiating the investment until a market downturn occurs. Some of the things that the consumers get to know when searching for an investment method is on management fees involved, returns expected and other information that does not help the investor in details. The debate about the active and passive statuses of the investment remains an intra-industry argument. People such as Mr. Buffet will still argue that the passive index returns are the perfect way of investing depending on the time when an investor began his or her investment and learn more about Timothy.

About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is an investment executive serving Capital Group as the chairman and CEO and Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as the principal executive officer. He also serves Capital Group Management Committee as the chairman. Timothy has been working with Capital Group for more than 30 years earning himself great investment experience. He had also worked with other companies in the United States as equity portfolio manager and equity investment analyst and more information click here.

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End Citizens United Embraces Challenge of Campaign Finance Reform.

Washington D.C. has been rife with dark money ever since the disastrous 2010 decision by the Supreme Court to cater to Citizens United. Citizens United is a conservative group that fought tooth and nail in order to loosen up restrictions and regulations in terms of political money entering Washington. As a result, dark money has been flooding the United States government causing politicians to be bought out and cater to special interests and lobbyists. When the will of the people is subverted by the actions of the wealthy donors, there is a problem. That driving issue is what caused Tiffany Muller to establish End Citizens United, a political action committee created to subvert the 2010 Supreme Court decision.


End Citizens United was established by Tiffany Muller as a response to all of the dark money that continues to fill up Washington. Dark money in politics has been an issue for a long time but it has reached a fever pitch over the past several years thanks to Citizens United. Muller knows that it is not tenable for the government to cater to lobbyists while ignoring the people and that is why End Citizens United has endured so much success over the past year or so. Muller says that the average person who is contributing to her PAC is of the belief that the “system is rigged against them“. She goes on to explain that donating to End Citizens United is one of the easiest and most effective ways to actually fight back.


The goal of End Citizens United is simple: they want to introduce politicians to office who firmly believe in the idea of campaign finance reform. Getting politicians in office that believe in financial reform means that they will be closer than ever to introducing legislation to roll back the Citizens United decision. Ironically enough, making this happen is not going to be cheap. As a result, End Citizens United has been looking to donors to help fund their PAC while giving their candidates a shot in the arm among voters.


Most recently we saw End Citizens United endorse United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Whitehouse, a Democrat, has long been considered one of the foremost champions of financial campaign reform. Whitehouse is running a re-election campaign in 2018 and it will be absolutely pivotal that he keeps his seat at the table in order to keep pushing legislation forward to try and subvert Citizens United.


Over the first quarter of 2017 End Citizens United saw nearly $4 million in donations. These donations were spread across 100,000 different people with the average donation being just $12. This is truly a movement for the people and by the people to take back their political voice.