CEO, Tempus ONE

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Garners $200M to Bring Customized Medicine to the Latest Diseases

Ostensibly, Tempus seems to be an AI-actuated customized medicine agency that infuses a lot of technology and data into diagnosis. Eric Lefkofsky retaliates the feelings of any other healthcare company founder. Tempus is unique because it is rapidly branching out, advancing from attention on cancer to other programs like cardiology, diabetes, infectious diseases as well as mental health. Eric Lefkofsky claims that Tempus concentrates on deadly diseases. 


Eric Lefkofsky, the famous billionaire has included an extra $200 million to achieve the overall diagnosis. Tempus released the G-2 series on Thursday that garnered approximately $8.1 billion, and Eric’s overall worth rose from $3.2 billion to $4.2 billion. Tempus is attempting to interrupt and interfere with the tough health industry. Eric Lefkofksy claims that they are aware of the skyrocketing cost to get the model to operate successfully. Tempus has seen investors like Novo Holdings, Baillie Gifford, Franklin Templeton as well T. Rowe Price, thereby joining Eric Lefkofsky who has contributed more than $100 million into the agency since its inception. 


He also added another sum of money to this round. Google also came in handy, and Tempus will store the patient details on Google Cloud. Novo Holdings’ senior partner Robert Ghenchev claims that the company invests in ventures that solve both basic and complex problems affecting life sciences. Eric Lefkofksy also retaliates that Tempus is a preferred upcoming venture many investors enjoy supporting. Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2015 that followed in the footsteps of Guardant Health and Foundation Medicine. The greatest source of income for the venture emanates from cancer genomic sequencing to assist doctors to be more efficient in treating the patients. 

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