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Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta on Calculated Business Risks

Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta on Calculated Business Risks

Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur who overcame an impoverished childhood in his native India to attain a Bachelor’s, two Master’s, and three honorary doctorate degrees. His business administration and engineering background prepared him to become an expert in the information service industry and database. Since 2008 Vinod has worked as a General Partner at Everest Capital Partners and brought years of acumen and business expertise to management consulting firms, private equity and venture capital that he established with his family.

How to Mitigate Calculated Business Risks

Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta on Calculated Business Risks

Business risks are always a big concern for entrepreneurs. Calculated business risks can be a very effective way to motivate and inspire your team, but you need to be aware of the potential consequences if you’re not careful. Gupta said, “Calculated business risks are essential for any ambitious entrepreneur. They can help motivate and inspire your team, but if not managed correctly they can also lead to disastrous consequences.”

What Exactly Is a Calculated Business Risk?

Calculated business risk is defined as any decision or action that has the potential to result in financial gain or loss for an individual or company. While this definition may sound simple, it can be not easy to execute safely. This is where calculated business risks become essential. You can identify and mitigate any potential risks before they harm your career or company by taking calculated risks.


Calculated business risks are essential to any successful entrepreneur. It is impossible to succeed in business without taking calculated risks – it’s the foundation of entrepreneurship. There are many different risks you can take when starting or running your own business, but one of the most important is financial risk.

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