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Edgard Corona and His Gyms

Edgard Corona is the man behind companies like SmartFit. He grew up in Latin America as a member of the Corona family, a family that owned successful sugar mills. He trained as a chemist in order to help his family out with their business in a lab at the mills. After a while, he decided to instead go into business for himself, opening up gyms. He then transformed that business into educational gyms that taught people how to be fit. During COVID, Edgard Corona actually had his gyms close locally but create online programs to help people exercise.

He has now opened up hundreds of gyms throughout South America and many further abroad. He is one of the richest men in the area and he has a lot to say about the importance of learning from your mistakes as you progress through entrepreneurship. Edgard Corona was also heavily involved in the politics of his area for some time, gathering the attention of many. People have said that he is a classic example of the economies of recursion since once he established the method and formula for creating a new gym, it was easy to repeat this over and over again.

The CEO Edgard Corona spoke to an interviewer at one point and has spoken about how he didn’t’ know much about gyms when he began, but he expected to learn as he went, and that’s exactly what happened. At every step of the way, when something went wrong, he would figure out what it was, adapt his approach, and then do it differently from then on out. Eventually, he found a formula for making gyms that worked and that he could rely on to do, again and again, many times without his direct approval because it just kept working over and over. Go Here for related Information.

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