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DSI Launches The Latest Cloud Inventory’s Platform

Data Systems International offers inventory management solutions, and it has now declared the release of another Cloud Inventory version. This system enables manufacturers and suppliers to supervise and handle the inventory anytime anywhere accurately.

Data Systems International stands to benefit from Cloud Inventory because the software comes up with a disruptive solution that improves the existing strategies to inventory control while upgrading inventory optimization, compliance, revenue creation, and overall output.

DSI’s software is a cloud-based tool that is mobile responsive, therefore enabling agencies to track resources, job site supplies, shipping materials, and inventory anytime they exit the warehouse. This platform assures the platform users with detailed visibility into inventory origin, state, and location across the supply chain points be they in the market, in transit, or storage facilities.

Cloud inventory’s capacity to render precise inventory control in real-time results in higher revenues because the companies can address the respective catalog management concerns whenever they happen and this optimizes the supply chain flow. At this stage, inventory control should not be problematic for any user because the software can be used on mobile devices. Therefore, this eases supply chain progress monitoring.

DSI Global has more than 40 years in inventory control solutions, therefore, knows the need for adaptability. Therefore, Cloud Inventory is managed by an agile system that enables customers to merge cloud solutions with their supply chain software.

The companies can reorganize the application without damaging the record systems to increase flexibility and output. Based on the design, Cloud Inventory can be used in a myriad of industries like engineering and construction, manufacturing and supplying, oil and energy among others.

Therefore, companies in these sectors experience better visibility and instant monitoring the software provides. Since all the companies have specific inventory control needs, they can reconfigure them to address the demands satisfactorily. Click here to learn more.


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