David Schmidt Shows How LifeWave Is Helping People Through a Wide Variety of Different Methods

David Schmidt has several credits to his name.

He has led an exciting life full of accomplishments and innovations.

But he is perhaps best known as the founder, and CEO, of LifeWave.

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LifeWave is a health technology company that has produced some amazing products.

But one of Schmidt’s most recent inventions demonstrates that emergent properties can provide some amazing benefits.

Schmidt has been a fan of patches as a delivery mechanism for some time now.

The first prototype project he released through LifeWave was an Energy Enhancer Patch.

This patch was the result of three years of research.

The results were originally aimed at helping people stay alert on mini-submarines.

But Schmidt saw a lot more potential for the patches.

He further refined the concept and saw a great deal of success with it through LifeWave. In fact, he had so much success with the company that he was able to expand its capabilities.

LifeWave now has full internal research labs.

These benefit both the company’s staff and visiting researchers.

On top of this, Schmidt has also created conferences to further inform people of ongoing research.

One of the most recent lectures was given by Dr. Melinda Connor.

Dr. Connor had recently finished her clinical studies on LifeWave’s patented X39 patches.

Schmidt had created the patches as a method to activate stem cells in people’s skin.

Dr. Connor had found further positive results that went far beyond expectations.

She discovered that the patches were also reversing mitochondrial dysfunction.

This essentially means that the X39 patches were slowing issues related to aging while also increasing the amount of energy produced by cells.

This impact on the aging process goes hand in hand with Schmidt’s own interests.

He is hopeful that we are getting to the point where people can retain youthful qualities as they age.

He is particularly hopeful that this will enable people to live the lives they want at any age.

It’s clear that LifeWave, and Schmidt himself, will play a strong role in these developments.


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