Bhanu Choudhrie Expounds On How He Inherited His Business Acumen from His Father Sudhir Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie serves in the position of the director of C&C Alpha Group, a private investment company owned by his family. He founded the London-based investment firm in 2002. It has been depicted that the firm owns a majority of investments in a myriad of industry sectors ranging from agriculture, aviation, real estate, utilities, healthcare to hospitality. In 2005, Bhanu Choudhrie established the Alpha Aviation Group Ltd (AAG) for his thrilling love and passion for flying. He was also committed to actualizing young people’s dreams of flying. Alpha Aviation Group Ltd led to an impactful business opportunity of training pilots for the domiciled Middle East and South East Asia airlines that were rapidly expanding.

From a young Bhanu Choudhrie realized that his thrilling passion for flying could materialize by investing in Air Deccan, a minute airline in India. By the time he was investing in the airline, it only operated one commercial plane making the timing of the purchase excellent. Shortly after the purchase, India’s air travel rapidly expanded. Though air travel in India suffered a myriad of setbacks such as reduced passengers due to high pricing of tickets that emanated from increased oil prices, Air Deccan survived. After the reduction of oil prices, the airline expanded its operations to offer close to 200 flights daily and transport over seven million passengers yearly.

Bhanu Choudhrie is one of the renowned British-Indian business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. His area of specialty mainly focuses on evolving Asian markets that include China and India. He is the founder of the London-based C&C Alpha Group and serves in the position of executive director. Bhanu traces his roots back in Delhi, India, and earned a bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing from the prestigious University of Boston. Bhanu Choudhrie’s father, Sudhir Choudhrie is a renowned businessman based in London with a keen interest in hospitality, media, retail development, healthcare, and aviation. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Twitter.

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