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Andrew Lazarus Sells His Beach Hotel

Andrew Lazarus sold his beach hotel in Newcastle for around $40 million. He bought the beach hotel in 2019 from Jim Bale and John Twohill.

After a successful renovation of applying DA and other minor changes in the business, its value increased significantly.

Andrew Lazarus believes that having owned the beach hotel for several years, they have managed to transform the business to survive the next 50 years.

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The hotel was sold at a high price because of the renovation and the growing pub market around the property.

Several other properties have been sold in the Newcastle area, such as the Vineyard Hotel, The Carousel Inn, and Pub at Rivo.

Andrew Lazarus said that the Market around the beach hotel had recently had a significant number of property buyers.

Andrew Lazarus says that the growth in population in the Coastal areas has led to the thriving of business in hotels and local pubs in the same place.

He alludes to the hotel’s success to the fact that people are more willing to spend after the adverse effects caused by the pandemic, which are gradually normalizing.

Lazarus’ beach hotel is located on Merewether Beach and is the only beachside pub in Newcastle.

Many guests and locals love the Beach hotel, which has made it thrive over the years.

The Beach Hotel in Newcastle is a two-story building that provides beautiful scenery to fathom.

The hotel has a gaming room, a restaurant, and three places for private events.

Andrew Lazarus attributes his success in the hotel industry to the mistakes he made in hotel exchange in the past in Sydney.

He says that the two markets are entirely different, so he took time to study and understand the Market in Newcastle, which led to a successful Exchange hotel business.

Andrew Lazarus says that the lessons learned over the years in real estate ventures have helped him deal with the beaches, and he also tries to do better than the previous encounters.

The renovation of the Beach Hotel in Newcastle has also equipped him with lessons and experiences that he plans to carry over to his other real estate projects.

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