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Andrew Frame Answers Question About The Effect Of Citizen

In a world with so many different present dangers, it can be hard to keep track of what is going on. In response, new safety apps have started to pop up like Citizen App. But is Citizen a good and healthy way to keep track of current events, or can it be harmful? Molly Wood interviewed the citizen app founder and CEO Andrew Frame for the Marketplace podcast in an attempt to find out.

The context of the interview was about the safety of the app and the influence that it could have on society. Andrew frame was asked a series of questions by Molly to detail both the benefits of the app and its inherent risks. Several topics ranged from the recent COVID tracing update to the app to how it is related to the police.

When asked about how this could affect people with repeated negative content, Andrew is quoted as saying, “You never know what is going to affect you.” He spoke at length about how different people will be affected by different pieces of news. Andrew Frame also pointed out the whole purpose of the app is to alert be to problems that are near them and that can affect them.

He also pointed out several upsides to the app in terms of positivity, including a whole section on the app for stories of people who have been helped. This included stories of people that were saved from fire and more. Andrew Frame stated at one point during the interview that he would prefer to see a fifty-fifty split between the good news on the app and all other news. He is the CEO and founder of Citizen App, a safety app that users real-time information to alert people to accidents and crimes in their area.

He gained momentum in his tech career by working at Cisco systems when he was seventeen, where he earned dual CCIE certifications. Visit this page to learn more.


Learn more about Frame on https://medium.com/@andrewframe


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