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Alex A Molinaroli On The Impact of Greenhouse Gasses

Alex A Molinaroli, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls, believes firmly in sustainability as the world continues to get larger and moves increasingly from a rural to a city-based living environment.

Alex A Molinaroli notes that by 2030, that 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities, many of them large cities with populations of from one million to 20 million or more, or in the case of Tokyo, nearly 40 million.

As this population shift occurs, Alex A Molinaroli believes its vitally important that the public sector as well as the private sector, join hands to produce a more sustainable environment for its citizens.

An example is greenhouse gasses.

While the attention is on factories and plants that increasingly spew greenhouse gasses into the environment with its attendant climate change consequences, Mr. Molinaroli notes as far back as 2016, that modern designs can prevent up to 50 percent of greenhouse gasses using smart technology before a building has even been built.

And with existing buildings, they can be retrofitted to provide a 15 to as much as 40 percent savings on energy costs, saving thousands and paying for the retrofit costs rather quickly and helping maintain the environment as well.

Mr. Molinaroli notes three large cities, Mexico City, Paris and Dubai who are at the forefront of environmental conservation.

In Mexico City, all building codes are being shifted to emphasize environmental factors in building codes.

In Paris, rather than burning coal or oil, as many as 500,000 households get over 50 percent of their energy from burning garbage instead.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, in which 70 percent of all electrical utility bills are from air conditioning, the city is developing a cooling network to cut electrical use in half.

Mr. Molinaroli applauds these efforts, and notes that if every city were to establish similar conservation efforts, it would go a long ways toward combatting global warming. See Related article: