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 Activision Blizzard Taking Legal Action Against Thieves

Activision Blizzard is an American Company that creates interactive video games that you can play on your computer. They are recently launching video games to be played on your mobile phone. Their franchise includes Candy Crush, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Bubble Witch, Skylanders, Overwatch, and Diablo.

The Company has a large base of monthly users amounting to hundreds of millions, ranking it as the most extensive gaming network in the world. Activation Publishing, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, has filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning, a Company that advertises cheat codes for Call of Duty, a game owned by the Company.

EngineOwning has software that enables players of video games to cheat in the games, which gives them an unfair competitive advantage over other players who have no access to the software. The software has damaged the Call of Duty game and the experience that the Company promises the gaming community, which has led the Company to seek an injunction against EngineOwning to stop the distribution of the malicious software for profits.

Ordinarily, in Call of Duty, a successful player can shoot on the confined battlefield. Players who use the software can aim weapons automatically, see the location of their opponents and acquire information that is not available to players who are not using the malicious software, which disadvantages the players within the game.

The Company had devised a Ricochet anti-cheating system that allows them to detect and ban cheating players in the Call of Duty, Warzone free video game. Despite being aware of this system, the cheaters have continued using the malicious software that gives them a competitive advantage over other players. Although the lawsuit contains a total of 50 doe defendants, the Company does not explicitly know the actual names of the individuals or corporates behind the EngineOwning malicious software accounts.

The lawsuit aims to give all the Call of Duty players an equal chance to compete and fight at the equal opportunity. Most of the players are ex-militia people, and the Company is determined to give them a great distraction from what they experienced on the real battlefield while in service.

Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, told the fans that the video game characters would only get richer while the stories would get even deeper and more natural. He explains that more innovative measures such as movement and voice control will control what is on the screen in the future.