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A Man of Focus: Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is a man on a mission. He knew from a young age that he wanted to help people any way he could. He knew he had the business sense to make it as well. He worked hard in school and made it to college. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Urban Development. 


These were the tools that he needed to get off the ground. He was able to work his way up and now is a well-known name in the Southern California insurance industry. One of the things that make Krishen Iyer stand out from others in the industry is the amount of energy and vitality that he puts into the job. 


Up to now, Krishen Iyer has many different ideas on insurance but is not oblivious to listening to other people too. He knows that a good idea can come from anywhere in the company and he wants to use that to the best of his and the company’s ability (Praguepost). 

Now Krishen Iyer has started a new company called MAIS Consulting. He has always wanted a firm like this one and is determined to make it a success. The thing that makes him happy in this particular venture is seeing the success of his clients. He knows that when good ideas come together everyone wins. Krishen Iyer knows that success in business is not easy and he has made the most of it. He also knows how to have fun too. That leads to a very healthy, happy life.